How to create or add a new course to your LMS

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  1. Sign in to your Admin area by clicking on login from your website’s main menu.
  2. Input your admin username and password.
  3. On the admin side menu, point at the ‘LMS’ item, click ‘Courses’
  4. Click on the ‘Add New’ button at the top
  5. Give the course a name
  6. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab to access the course settings area
  7. Carefully go through the various sections and set it the way you desire. If you don’t understand any section, please search the knowledge base for an explanation.
  8. Now click on the ‘Builder’ section and add your lessons.
  9. Click on ‘New lesson’, give it a name. You can do the same for Headings and quizzes.
  10. Don’t worry. Add the lessons. you can later add the content of the lessons on the lessons section. Click here to learn how to add and update lessons
  11. When you’re done, click publish at the top-corner
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