Assigning an unassigned user to a course

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So some users sign up and don’t choose a course or profile category. You will notice this when the user logs in and complains of not being redirected properly. What needs to be done to fix this is assigning them to a profile or course. To do this:

  1. Sign in to your Admin area by clicking on login from your website’s main menu.
  2. Input your admin username and password.
  3. On the admin side menu, point at the ‘Users’ item, click All users
  4. At the top area, you will see a link with label ‘No role’. Click it.
  5. Now you should see all the users with no roles assigned to them. Click on one you wish to edit. You can also point at the name, press and hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard ( CMD button for Mac users ) the click edit.
  6. Next scroll down to Role then select the role or course the user or student should be assigned to.
  7. Click Update

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